Bike Ride to Airport

April 27, 1985

The airport for lunch bunch took off from Alton Baker Park at 10:30 a.m. and headed west on the riverside bikepath. At Owosso St. we were surprised to discover that the 2 year old hiker/biker bridge had, at long last, been fitted with approach ramps, and was now functional. We made a ceremonial R/T crossing of the Willamette to celebrate. Fifteen minutes later we were hoisting our 4 bikes over a fenced barrier to gain quicker access to the NW Expressway. Heading north, the scene gradually changed from unsightly industrial to picturesque pastoral.

Arriving at Mahlon Sweet, the Flight Line Inn gave us a window table to better watch the fieldside comings and goings. For all the action we saw (zilch), we might as well have lunched at the Burp Hollow International. But not to be denied entertainment, we made our own by uncovering (with tantalizing slowness) the 6 spots on two airport purchased lottery tickets—duds both.

On the return trip, Dave spotted an experimental field of meadow foam, a plant native to Oregon, which yields a fine lubricant considered to be an acceptable substitute for sperm whale oil. A short while later we made a second stop at Garibaldi’s for the biggest and best ice cream cones this side of Rice Hill. On the road again, the downwind leg of our 29 mile ride paralleled the Amazon Canal on one of Eugene’s nicely kept bikepaths. High Street then provided our final approach to a safe touchdown at Alton Baker Park. Those sharing the ride on a rare sunny day in April were Judith Engle, Corinne Hunt, Dave Predeek and leader Bob Devine.

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