Larison Rock

April 24, 1985

A popular theologian of our time says, “There is no gain without pain.” Could that apply to our Larison Rock hike on a recent Wednesday? Six of us reached the summit at different times—we went at it two by two, which is a nice way to go anyway. With compatible timing and good conversation, who could ask for more! We all walked steadily but some had a longer stride than others thereby gaining the 2370 ft. elevation faster than the rest of us. Eventually we all reached our goal (even me).

The weather was cold enough that we had to keep moving and couldn’t make friends with all the trillium and lady slippers along the way. At a ridge midway we crossed a blowdown that was a slowdown. The pain that I alluded to in the beginning was that it was cloudy and snowy on the summit so that we didn’t get the reward of a view. But we did have an enjoyable day anyway and were rewarded with an ice cream cone in Oakridge.

Hikers were Bob Foster and Bob Emmich, Bill Morse and Volney Kelm, Lois Schreiner and Lois Morse, leader. I’d like to add my thank you to my husband and friend Bill for driving the car and for supporting me in so many ways.

P.S. MORE PAIN! I NEED to donate the leadership of this hike to someone who is in better shape than I am. It is one of my favorites, but is almost more than I can handle which does not contribute to capable leadership. Any Volunteers?

How can I make it emphatic
That our day was almost ecstatic.
With three sets of twos
We just couldn’t lose,
Or am I too melodramatic?

—Lois Morse

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