Tackenitch Dunes

April 20, 1985

Since yesterday had rain, snow, sleet and ice pellets we wondered whet today would bring. The weather gods smiled upon us and gave us a windless, beautiful day with warm sun after lunch. We walked through the forest for ¾ mile and then onto the dunes and over to the coast. The tide was out and we walked along the beach till we got hungry for lunch. After lunch we decided we wanted to go back amongst the driftwood. We enjoyed poking around the area. Gary wondered if dinosaurs ever wandered the land there. As I was about to answer, the answer appeared at our feet. There on the sand lay a sabre toothed cat—a green one at that. Gary put it in his pocket for evidence. The hikers were Eckhard Auberlen, Jeannie Holmes, Gary Marx, Carol Wayne and leader Shirley Froyd.

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