Moon and Spirit Falls

April 7, 1985

Where are Spirit and Moon Falls? Who has seen them or even heard of them? Eighteen hikers saw and heard them on a lovely Easter morning, April 7, 1985. The pretty falls are 30 miles east of Cottage Grove just off the Layng Patterson Mountain Rd. From Cottage Grove the travelers followed the Row River Road to #17 (Layng Patterson Rd.) and parked in a large wide space at the end of the paving. A sign across from the parking area indicates the direction to both falls. Within 1/8 mile is the Spirit Falls access and 3½ miles up the road is the access to Moon Falls.

The Easter morning hikers walked to Moon fails first. Most of the walk—three miles—is on a rocky road closed to vehicular traffic. The falls, 125 feet high, are located in an area of beautiful old growth forest. We had lunch around a picnic table down stream a short distance from the falls. On the way back we stopped at Spirit Falls, a short 10 minute walk from the road to a 40 foot grotto waterfall. The color was green with many sword ferns and other greenery. Spring flowers were just beginning.

Hiking were nine members and nine guests—Maxine Hall, Corinne Hunt, Bob Foster, Dot Leland, Barbara Elsen, Bernie Claypool, Parker Riddle, Joe Austin, Sue Roe, Mancy Cogan, Whitey Lueck, Robert Mauro, Barbara Chinn, Joan Keighen, Susan Baker, Justin Couts, and leaders Vi Johnson and Mary Ellen West.

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