Cape Perpetua Area

March 31, 1985

The group met the leader at Devils Churn, and in spite of a drizzly rain were eager to take off. The trail took us down along the rocky coastline, past pools and many picturesque wind-bent trees. A tunnel under the highway took us to Giant Spruce Trail which winds through the forest on the south side of Cape Creek. We soon agreed spring indeed had arrived when we discovered masses of trilliums, skunk cabbage, salmon berry blossoms, miner’s lettuce, yellow violets and spring beauty. The trail ends at e splendid giant spruce, so large one can crawl under it and through its roots. We chose to hike back on the north side of the creek, hoping to find other kinds of flowers and views. We were rewarded by large patches of western coltsfoot and lovely little wateralls.

Now, well warmed up, we challenged the mountain. St. Perpetua Trail is only 1.3 miles but quite steep. Views were obscured by the drizzle but again early flowers surprised us—especially the many bleeding hearts. Because it was windy on the top of the mountain we headed into the trees and found a cozy, sheltered spot for lunch.

Again, we chose to explore a different route back. This time we hiked down a road. Much farther, but protected once down we picked up the beach trail to Indian shell mounds and Spouting Horn. From there we went separate ways—some wishing to take advantage of low tide to hike a sandy beach, some heading home. Hikers were Alex Funterbery(?), Mike Horowitz, Miki Hutchison, Mae Jackson, Whitey Lueck and leader Dee Bray.

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