March 16, 1985

The weather for this day in March was exceptionally good—warm, sunny and clear. All of us enjoyed the climb up over the east end of the Cloverpatch Bluffs to our favorite rocky knob viewpoint. Lunch in the sunshine was enjoyed by all. As we crossed the timber sale unit cut last summer we were surprised to find it replanted with young trees protected by orange netted tubes. However, trees were planted right in the trail which seemed a little unnecessary to us. I inquired back at the ranger station Monday to see if I could find out why this had been done. It seemed to be just an error on the part of the tree planters, so the trees will be removed in the near future to keep the trail open.

Cloverpatchers were Judith Engle, Catherine Jones, Gary Marx, Linda Wells, Margaret Wiese and Helen Smith, leader.

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