Florence Area--Migrating Swans

February 17, 1985

After meeting at Goose Pasture ORV Staging Area—the only parking spot near our trailhead— we scurried madly to quickly leave the area with its noise and fumes. A short walk thru brush brought us to the several miles of sand and dunes which was to be our trail in search of the elusive migrating swans. We kept to the higher dunes in order to avoid quicksand low areas and the deep, funnel shaped holes in the sand which can be dangerous. We found many fresh animal and bird tracks then were surprised by many fresh bear tracks leading to and from the marshes.

The day was sunny and warm with just a light breeze. The hike was beautiful and the group enjoyable. However - - - - we did not see a single swan! Usually there are several hundred there. After lunch and mini naps in a cozy protected spot w e had to force ourselves to leave the comforts and get going again. When we got back to the cars it was still warm and sunny so some hikers headed for the beach for a little more fun. Hikers were Barbara Chinn, Gladys Grancorvitz, Corrine Hunt, Maxine Hull, Joan Keigher, Mary Christoferson, Bonnie and Lowell Ledford, Jon Levy, Marilyn Nippold, Kathy Perkins, Virginia Prouty, Alys Riley, Allan Sorenson, Mary Ellen West and leader Dee Bray.

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