South Slough Sanctuary

February 7, 1985

We started our day at South Slough Sanctuary Headquarters with an orientation by Dr. John Garner and a 15 minute slide show. Then Dee Bray showed her slides of wildlife taken in the sanctuary. A short drive past meadows, an old historic homestead and an old railroad trestle brought us to the trailhead. Weather was off again, on again sunshine and light showers so we bundled up at the start.

The trail was sometimes a narrow path thru brush and berry bushes, sometimes thru woods and often on old plank roads. It led past an old mill sight, an old school (square nails still in the floor) and a house so small we wondered who could have lived in it. A boggy area surprised us with a patch of Darlingtonia. From a high vantage point we viewed a very large beaver pond with a few ducks padding by. Lunchtime entertainment included a noisy piliated woodpecker.

Arriving back at the cars a bit wet and quite muddy but invigorated were hikers Mary Christoferson, Ed Garrett, Bunny Kadau, Joan Keigher, Kathy Perkins, Virginia Prouty, Alice Richter and leader Dee Bray.

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