Siltcoos Fishermans & Siltcoos Lake Trails

January 26, 1985

Mother Nature greeted hikers with a beautiful, clear, almost windless day when they arrived at Waxmyrtle Campground. Those first to arrive were treated to the antics of a beaver, a heron and three ducks in a nearby lagoon.

Following Fishermans Trail, which rises high above Siltcoos River, we had excellent views of the Salt Marsh and Siltcoos Estuary which is much in the news recently. Some sharp-eyed hikers spotted whales spouting far out in the ocean.

Following a little playtime on the beach, we headed back. Several people found whole sand dollars, shells and bottles. Approaching what looked like a large, white rock we found it to be a five-foot long dead sting ray overturned so we were able to observe its rows of teeth and whip-like tail. Near trailhead a red-tailed hawk glided for many minutes in quite a show.

Back at the campground we then took cars to the east side of Hwy 101 at the head of Siltcoos Lake Trail. This 2-mile hike took us through shaded forest that is full of many beautiful old stumps, everyone unique, some grotesque, most very large. Suddenly we broke out of the trees at a grassy, sunny picnic spot on the lake—a welcome sight for now famished hikers.

After a leisurely lunch and a little sunning and resting we reluctantly head back to the cars. Those enjoying a very special day were Jack and Dallas Cole, Melinda Curry, Emmy Dale, Joella Ewing, Judy Forell, Gladys Grancorvitz, Jeanie Holmes, Ed Garrett, Bunny Kadau, Dot Leland, Virginia Prouty, Doug Schultz, Allan Sorenson, Robin Steussy, Suzanne Steussy, Paula Vehrs and leader Dee Bray.

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