Hardesty Mountain Trail #3469

January 13, 1985

It was a cold and foggy morning at the parking lot, but at the top of the hill on 30th shining thru the haze was this beautiful sun that later in the day raised the temperature to somewhere around 50°–60°. Starting at Hwy 58 this five-mile trail was a first time for two of our party. In some areas salvage from the blow down has been completed and the Forest Service has done a good job of repairing the trail where it was damaged during the salvage. We must thank all the Obsidians who have worked on this trail to remove the steepness by building switchbacks and the resting bench at the Crale Creek Road intersect. There is logging in the area at the present time and a trailer, helicopter and other mechanical paraphernalia.

Two of our party decided to bask in the sun while the rest of us continued the last three miles to the top. We encountered about three spots where some trail clearing will be necessary. (Will need your chains saw, Pete!!) Near the top we found about 4-5 feet of snow, but it was frozen solid so we didn’t fall in except for a few steps. The sun shone brightly as we enjoyed lunch on the snow. It’s a challenging hike, but well worth the effort. One of our party compared it to being a climb equal to that done on Middle Sister—so take heed all ye who have climbed Hardesty—you too can do the Sister!!

We were also pleased to note that quite a few people (about 12 in several groups) were using the trail for a Sunday stroll. This only emphasizes how important the work of the Hardesty-June Wilderness Council may be. Hikers were Emmy Dale, Jack and Joella Ewing, Maxine Hall, Nola Kalez, Gary Marx, Paula Vehrs and leaders Mary Ellen West and Vi Johnson.

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