Spencer Butte

January 1, 1985

Spencer Butte hike does not need a leader, but we did need a time to meet, a person to collect hikers and to say “Let’s go.” I did that and that was the extent of my leading.

Spencer Butte on New Year’s Day was the most beautiful I have ever seen it. We walked out of the cold, clammy fog into rays of sunshine coming through the trees and on up into full sunshine on the top. Every blade of grass and leaf on the tree was covered with ice—an unbelievably lovely sight. From the top we seemed to be on an island with the sea of fog surrounding us. Above the fog it was so clear that we had a panoramic view of all of our favorite mountains.

It was a wonderful way to start the New Year—seeing Obsidian friends, ex-Obsidians and friends of Obsidians. As a final exciting touch we learned of Maude Caldwell’s and Bill Loy’s engagement. Congratulations! When is the big date, Maude and Bill?

New Year’s Day hikers were Doris Allen, Ewart and Margaret Baldwin, Dallas and Jack Cole, Leona Devine, Maude Caldwell, Lee Hatch, Margit Hollerud, Lavonne Hoyt, Dot Leland, Ruth and Wayne Lill, Bill Loy, Ray Peterson, Joyce Strassberg, Gene Thaxton, Millard Thomas, Dorothy Turner, Joe Turner, Ethel Weltman, Vera Woolley, and leader Dorothy Hayes.

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