Hardesty Trail Reconstruction

May 18-19, 1985

Despite a predictably lighter-than-hoped-for turnout, the fourth annual Obsidian Field Days event was a great success. Efforts this year centered on Phase II of the Hardesty Mountain Trail reroute, Phase I being completed last year. A second notoriously steep and badly eroded stretch of trail just below the Crale Road crossing was the work place which had been previously blazed and roughly scratched through, including four switchbacks. Work with Pulaski and grub hoe on the rocky side-hill slope was never easy, but the two crews set to with good humored enthusiasm. Good weather conditions prevailed. Besides so much useful work being accomplished, the two-day event was seen by some participants as a “fun trip”! (Some detail tread work, removal of boot tripping stumps and installation of a few retainer logs remains to finally complete this long overdue trail project.)

Saturday’s crew of 14 was Connie Bender, Larry Cash, Barb Elsen, Corinne Hunt, Mert Hayman, Betty Macy, Gary Marx, Mary Millman, Jim Northrop, Freda Miller, Peggy Robinson, Fred Schepman and Velma Shirk.

Sunday’s 15-person completion crew consisted of Bernie Claypool, Dallas and Jack Cole, Shirley Froyd, Mert Hayman, Richard Heinzkill, Mae Jackson, Vi Johnson, Betty Macy, Alys Riley, Lois Schreiner, Bobbye Sorrels, Helen Smith and Michel Wright.

Pete Cecil was trip leader and directed operations on both days. The 1985 Obsidian Field Days trail workers deserve the thanks and congratulations of all Obsidians and, in fact, the many other users of this historic and year-round hiking trail.


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