Ash Swale Trail

April 28, 1985

Last Sunday’s initial assault on one of Ash Swale’s celebrated “sink spots” continued apace, but with kinder weather conditions. (Daylight savings changeover confusion garnered us one unwitting but very willing trail crew member plus a non-Obsidian “mud hog” who signed on for the 2nd week running!).

Prior drainage digging efforts were seen to have paid off, drying the work site considerably. One hundred and twenty-one feet of elevated, dirt-packed turnpike over a half culvert transformed this oozing section of liquid trail into a negotiable pathway by dint of bucket hauled soil fill and boulder placement.

Ash Swale Trail “jolly-good-sport mud-wallowers” were Mary Bridgeman, Pete Cecil, Betty Macy, Freda Miller, Helen Smith, Jenny Wilson and leader John Cecil.

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