Ash Swale Trail

April 21, 1985

The Ash Swale trail has been plagued with several swampy areas that are finally getting the much needed attention that will help turn this trail into one that can be traveled even in the wet months more comfortably.

A 90'3" puncheon was installed last winter twenty feet from the shelter. More recently a reroute was completed that eliminates another very marshy area. Today, seven very dedicated workers braved cold, snow, and Oregon monsoons to begin work on a turnpike that will soon provide hikers with a drier tread. Logs were installed along both sides of the trail, ditches were dug along both sides to allow for drainage, and the dirt, mud and muck, was replaced in the trail in order to build it up. Other drainage ditches were dug to drain the lowest areas that collect the most water. We still need to install a half culvert and ditch the short half of the turnpike. We tended a fire at the shelter and returned there for our lunch break. Two participants were on their first Obsidian trip and vowed to return. I’d say they passed their first qualifying trip with flying colors.

Hard working trail builders were John and Pete Cecil, Mary Bridgeman, Carol Diane, Betty Macy, Freda Miller and leader Mike Wright.

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