Deception Butte

January 13, 1985

An atrocious-looking 9 a.m. start at the “Y” on Sunday rapidly flip-flopped into a sunny, crisp Deception Butte Trail maintenance gathering once at the work site. Loose ends of tread alignment and “start” and “finish” sections to the recently completed relocation were effectively dealt with. Some skillful shrubbery replanting now successfully conceals the “old”, retired section. One streamlet crossing was bouldered; meanwhile . . . the other half of our willing task force made great gains on “the” bridge, completing the installation of uprights and adding a top rail. A start was made on the (eastern) access steps. It is to be hoped that Lowell District F.S. will not long delay the rehabilitation of the initial mile of this popular trail, following the salvage timber sale now in progress. Sunday artisans were Mary Bridgeman, Pete Cecil, Shirley Froyd, Betty Macy, Bob Shaw, Mike Wright and leader John Cecil.

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