Christmas Party

December 20, 1985

The fire was crackling in the fireplace, the tree was tall and beautiful as usual, the tables were decorated and everyone was in the mood for food and festivities.

The program started off with Dot Leland and Leona Devine leading us in traditional Christmas songs accompanied by Doris Allen at the piano. Joe Lowry read an amusing satire written by Dan Sellard, followed by his introduction of Woodsy Owl (Mary Bridgeman) and Smokey Bear (Eddy Thomas of Lowell). This is Smokey’s 40th birthday,

All the children were gathered up along with a few adults to put on a skit written by our own Myrtle Smith. Natalie Morgan directed and her husband Boyd narrated. Norm Benton was great playing the part of a sad little tree made happy by being decorated by all the little animals of the forest. All the “kid” animals did well also.

Dave Predeek was the jolly fellow in the red suit and whiskers who quickly gave out gifts to all the deserving people.

Probably because of the ice and fog we had been having, and because schools were out that day, only about 60 people attended, but those that were there enjoyed a jolly good time.

Vera Woolley

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