Flora of the Three Sisters

February 22, 1985

What a delightful meeting! About 75 persons gathered for the delicious food that always whets our appetites at these potlucks and in anticipation of the evening’s entertainment. Nearly everyone arrived early enabling the Kitchen Crew to have everything well under control by 6:30. Being on crutches these days, I was very dependent on the Crew, and take this opportunity to thank them for being so very supportive—you’re the best committee ever!

Dave Wagner, Director of the Herbarium and Associate Professor of Biology at the U of 0 gave a background on his interest in the flora of the Three Sisters and his desire to help nature lovers be able to obtain a quick index of the flora to be found in an area of the Wilderness where they’ll be hiking. All the flora within the new boundaries of the Sisters Wilderness area will be catalogued on a newly-acquired IBM computer (see Feb newsletter) so a checklist of flora can be furnished inquirers quickly. When the compilation is complete, a field guide to the plants will be published.

As part of the Flora Program he announced two botanical special fee hikes (to support the Flora Project) this summer: a one-day trip into Olallie Mountain, August 17th—fee $1.00 and a 4-day trip into Green Lakes, September 7th to 10th—fee $5.00 (more on these later). The bulk of Dave’s presentation was an educational slide show of the flora within the Three Sisters area. The plants were undescribably beautiful with many being vividly colored. The audience was captivated by the beauty of many species—paint brushes, steer’s head, monkey flowers, asters, fleabanes, wild ginger, ferns, mosses and liverworts. (Editor’s note: Even the Lodewick weed (penstemon) was gorgeous.)

Dave’s enthusiasm was infectious—he inspired us all to visit the area as soon and as often as possible in search of interesting specimens. Reporting the results of our plant trips back to him will enable him to make a more comprehensive study of the Three Sisters area. He, indeed, convinced all that anybody can help add information to the Flora Project.

If you are interested in learning some of the local plants, you can go on his plant walks. Starting Thursday, March 7 and every Thursday thereafter to June 13th, he will be starting from the north end of the footbridge over the Willamette River near Autzen Stadium. The walks start at noon, and last one hour. All are welcome; there is no charge.

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