Mt. Hood

May 26, 1985

Some of us drove out of the dripping valleys to the clear skies of timberline and the mountain. By 4:45 a.m. we had crawled out of our motel rooms, sleepingbags or front seats, had a bit of breakfast and were on our way. Following the snow-plowed trail up past Silcox and to the top of the ski run, we rested on the snow cat provided shelf where some of the other parties had camped for the night. Strapping on our crampons we were off again toward the summit.

While roping up at the Hogs Back we avoided a few projectiles hurling from above, one the size of a basketball. Proceeding up and around the gapping crevasse to the summit without further problems, we arrived at 10:45 a.m. By now the clouds were rising and engulfing the top, but we still enjoyed sun and calm at the top. We left the summit at noon and sailed back to the parking lot through the fog and sun, and listening to the music drifting up from the Timberline Festival.

The climbers who braved the threatening weather of the valley and enjoyed the sun of Hood were Rick and Sally Grosscup, Joe Turner, and leader Keith Blunck.

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