Diamond Peak

May 10-11, 1985

Friday afternoon the weather did not look good for climbing. There were heavy rain and hail showers in the valley and the snowfall level was forecast for 3500 feet. However, there was a chance of clearing for Saturday. Friday night we camped at Indigo Springs in light rain. It rained or snowed all night and we got up to a light skiff of snow on the ground. The sky was cloudy but appeared to be breaking slightly. Jim arrived from town and said it was clear in the valley.

We started up the trail at 0630 under cloudy skies. Conditions were ideal with a skiff of new snow on the spring snowpack. The mountain played peek-a-boo as the breaking clouds drifted in and out. There were spectacular ice formations on the rocks and trees at timber line. We arrived at the summit by 1130. It was partly cloudy with not much view but still enough sun to keep us warm. We started down at 1230 after a leisurely break. Chris and Hugh skied off the summit while the rest of us had a great glissade down the mountain. We were at the cars by 1430.

Great day with a super bunch of people who were Chris Borgias, Bob Emmich (first mountain), Rick Hargreaves, Lee Hatch, Hugh McMahan, Naomi Prouse (first mountain), Jim Russell, Archie Thompson and leader Randy Zustiak.

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