Mt Hood, South Side

May 4, 1985

This climb was originally scheduled for April 20-21 with Jerry Mohler as the leader. On that date 5 climbers managed to drive to Timberline Lodge, but due to the blizzard conditions they were unable to climb. The next weekend was no better, so out of the original group of 11, three decided to go back on May 4 to complete the climb. Rick Hargreaves assumed the job of leader, and along with Joe Turner and Archie Thompson managed to summit in bad weather conditions.

Mt Hood

May 4, 1985

We left Timberline Lodge at 3:45 a.m. and summited at 1:15 in the afternoon, taking the south side route.

We met Norm Benton’s group of die-hards near the top of the ski lifts and decided to team up for a group venture. The day was miserable with near white out conditions throughout the day. On the summit the clouds blew off momentarily, giving us limited scenic views. The crevasse was large and open, forcing us to cross it to the left. We were the first of only two groups to summit on that day. Over 50 climbers turned back short of the summit, most of them turning back before getting to the top of the ski lifts. Our success, inspite of the conditions, made the climb memorable. Leading the climb was Rick Hargreaves while also summiting were Joe “summit or bust” Turner, and Archie Thompson (first mountain ever).

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