Hayrick Butte

December 8, 1984

The weather cooperated beautifully for the first scheduled winter trip for snowshoers and cross-country skiers. Margaret and I on showshoes were accompanied by Vi, Jane, Dot, Tom end Royal on skis for the counter-clockwise circuit of Hayrick Butte from the sparsely occupied HooDoo Ski Area parking lot. We enjoyed lunch at Big Lake with an unimpeded view of Mt. Washington to the southeast. Several hungry “camp robbers” helped us finish our lunches. The only negative on an otherwise enjoyable trip was a ‘no-snow-park-displayed’ ticket on Tom’s car when we got back to HooDoo. The snow park permit was in Tom’s car, but alas, not displayed properly on the left dash. So remember to put your permit on display before you set off on your winter trips.

Skiers and snowshoers were Margaret Crosland, Jane Hackett, Vi Johnson, Dot Leland, Royal Murdock, Tom Woxell, and leader Joe Lowry.

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