Gate to Gate via Old McKenzie Hwy

April 14-15, 1984

Began our trip at 12 noon under clear, sunny skies at the east gate of the Old McKenzie Highway. What a gorgeous day it was! We soon began peeling off clothes and slapping on the sunscreen. Had a panoramic view with our break at Windy Point. Laid back and really soaked up those Vitamin D rays! As we skied toward the Dee Wright Observatory, many cornices of unparalleled beauty were before us. The lava fields never looked so grand. At Dee Wright our chief engineer, Glenn, plotted our course as the road markers were no longer visable. Our original campsight was a spring, but with the North and Middle Sisters in full view, how could we top it? As the sun set casting red and orange hues on the peaks, dinner smells emerged. And then the full moon took hold. Many of us skied under her glow, with Mari and Royal even skiing back to the Observatory. Such a high: stars out, full moon shadows, the mighty Sisters before us and good company. We all slept well.

Sunday found us on the trail again by 9 a.m. Lost the sun in the clouds but by this time the euphoria had not faded. Skied out three miles past the west gate when the snow gave out and we walked the final two miles. After 25 miles, how nice to meet Gene and his prompt shuttle service with ice cold drinks. Many thanks! Skiers were Mari Baldwin, Doris Allen, Grant Granger, Whitey Lueck, Royal Murdock, Gene Thaxton and leaders Glenn Meares, Tom Donnelly and Chris Shuraleff.

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