Walker Mountain

March 4, 1984

Sky clear, sun out and weather full of spring breezes as we left Eugene most optomistic, still not knowing if Walker Mountain was our destination, as the road into the mountain might be impassable by car. In no time the lookout tower and communication equipment on her summit came into view, so we were determined!

Put on the tire chains, piled into the back of the van, and were able to eliminate 2 flat miles of the trip by parking at the railroad tracks. Began the ski up the road with a gentle rise to the summit. Many stops along the way afforded us panoramic scenes of Mt. Thielsen, Diamond Peak, and lesser summits between. The terrain encompasses road vistas, open meadow, forested sides and then the summit! Some climbed the lookout tower, others explored the various out buildings and others of us basked in the warm sun—such nirvana!! With whoops and hollers we zipped down, crisscrossing the road and breaking many trails. Totaling 14 miles, we were back at the van by 4:30 p.m. Skiers were Whitey Lueck, Herb McMurtry, Janet B. and John Jacobsen, Ruth Romoser, Velma Shirk, Maria Street, Hans Tschersich, and leaders Tom Donnelly and Chris Shuraleff.

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