Midnight Lake Loop

February 26, 1984

Who says Midnight Lake is a tedious trip because you’ve done it so many times? Our trip to Midnight Lake disproved that notion. The weather was warm, but not too warm; the sky sunny, but not too sunny. Just right! Ample snow to make falling an almost pleasant experience. Good thing, as no one was able to claim they hadn’t capsized at least once. And let me tell you folks, there were some interesting acrobatics. Take for instance the case of the intrepid Herb Lee . . . Imagine Ruth’s surprise as she watches Herb ski down the trail and disappear from sight. As she approaches the spot where he vanished from terra firma she, discovers him suspended upside down in a hole. Thanks Ruth. You see, she aided in Herb’s extrication from the snow pit.

We skied the Midnight Lake Loop and were on our way back to the parking lot by 1:30 p.m. Because of the early hour we decided to get our “money’s worth” and ski down to Willamette Pass via Burley Bluffs. Wise choice! The view was worth the effort. An added bonus was the opportunity for many more spills and thrills as was so ably demonstrated by leader Kate Stroh performing the head-over-heels seat drop with a layout one and a half twist (so sorry you missed that one, Herb'!). We completed .our loop by crossing Hwy 58 and skiing the short, but sweet downhill run from Willamette Pass Ski Area to Gold Lake Road.

Acting in this snowy drama were Sandra Larsen, co-leader and mission control, Herb Lee as stunt skier, Dot Leland as the perseverer, Mark Nielsen as an innocent bystander, Rick Radcliffe as the rock, Diane Schechter as the go-getter, Kate Stroh, co-leader and director of acrobatics and Ruth Wisner as Rescue 8.

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