Salt Creek Trail

February 26, 1984

This was a fairly small group as Obsidian groups go. Bonnie and I decided to scratch the original plan to go toward Santiam Pass (Little Nash Crater) and go to a closer spot. We put our skis and packs in the back of Bonnie’s truck and headed toward Willamette Pass to find some snow. We found some marvelous snow—about a foot of some fairly dry stuff—along the Salt Creek Trail. (We started in toward Vivian Lake, but turned around when the terrain got too rough for our liking.) We skied up to Hwy 58 and crossed over to explore part of the Fuji Mtn Trail. Between the stiff breeze we encountered in the clear cut as we looked for a calm lunch place and the anxious search for a missing windbreaker with the truck keys in one pocket, we deserved our relaxing lunch break in the sun. After lunch we had a very nice run back to Hwy 58 and Salt Creek Falls. The day was full of good skiing and good conversation. (Thank you, Bonnie!) Leader: Mary Ellen de la Pena; Skier: Bonnie Ledford.

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