Odell Butte

February 25, 1984

Log: Left Eugene by 08:15, arrived at trailhead (FS #5815, Deschutes NF) at 11:00, arrived on top of Odell Butte 4 hours later, left top at 15:30, back at the cars by 17:00, after a 1½ hour downhill run through tons of white, fluffy snow.- - - -
Some personal observations: Special honors to Penny Hunting and Rick Ahrens, and to my ex-student and friend Bonnie Henderson for breaking trail up this 7,033 foot high beauty of a butte!

Back at the cars, dusk slowly settling in, road getting shiny with cold—and 2 men missing! I feel both fear and anger within met why did this have to happen to me? Losing 2 men on the mountain. “Thank God they aren’t in my car” my second reaction. “But wait: this is YOUR trip, not their driver’s. YOU have to wait, NOT their driver.” I remove the stuff of the two lost men from the car they came in, put it in mine. Traded off two of my passengers, had the other driver paid on behalf of the two men on the mountain, and saw them disappear in the deepening dusk. Took my skis off the rack again, Mike likewise, and we both headed back up the trail. 15 minutes later they arrived, apologetic, one apologized even in German. I was touched, all anger gone, only grateful they were alive and well. And I was promised pictures of the mountain.

Odell Butte skiers were Rick Ahrens, Ted Chuman, Allan Coons, Dick Cross, Bonnie Henderson, Carol Horvath, Penny Hunting, Herb McMurtry, Mike Powell, Ruth Romoser, Marie Street, Mary Vogel, Tom Woxell, and leader Helmut Plant.

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