Newberry Crater-Paulina Lake

February 12, 1984

This large, hardy group left the rainy SEHS parking lot soon after 7 a.m. and was traveling on faith alone that somewhere there would be bright sky and skiable snow as someone had promised. Rain continued in torrents over Willamette Pass and all the way to Mt Newberry snowgate where the rain quit, people smiled, snow was very good and we enjoyed a good ski into the lodge at Paulina Lake. Most skiers enjoyed a picnic lunch outside with the sun breaking through occasionally.

After lunch half the skiers opted for an extra four-mile loop while others chose to visit the partially frozen and very beautiful Paulina Creek Falls before returning to the parking lot at snowgate—and rain.

We didn’t get the awesome views of the crater that we usually do but considering the alternatives we were in one of Oregon’s best locations during this day of record breaking rain elsewhere.

Special thanks to Dave Roderick and Jane Hackett for setting a beautiful course for the rest of us to follow on the loop trail! If the group had skied alphabetically the line-up would have been Mari Baldwin, Beth and Kate Conant, Hank and Nancy Dizney, Bea Fontana, Tracy Forrest, Jane Hackett, Linda Horsfall, Gladys Grancorvitz, Bruce and Karen Kraft, Rachel Major, Curt Offenbacher, Alys Riley, David Roderick, leader Gene Thaxton, Mary Vogel, Lori and Mike Wright.

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