Beals Butte

February 4, 1984

Each year that we lead this trip we vary the route and destination somewhat depending on the weather and snow conditions. This year road 5825 (old 252) was plowed to bare gravel as far as the railroad tracks. We started skiing from there in bright sunshine on very crusty snow. The higher we got the better the snow got, and we reached the highest road on the butte in time for lunch with a sunny view. “Because it was there”, and the weather was good, 5 of us decided to try for the summit. It was steep cross-country work going up and getting down with lots of side stepping and traversing. There is no view from the top because of trees, but the excellent snow made for good skiing around through the open timber. The downhill run back down the roads was not too great because of the crusty spots, and Herb skinned some knuckles on a fall but good weather made up for it all.

Skiers were Norm Benton, Tim Cook, Jane Hackett, Linda Horsfall, Herb McMurtry, Hank Plant, Gene Thaxton and co-leaders Bea Fontana and Wes Prouty.

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