Square Lake

January 21-22, 1984

The weather report said the freezing level was to be 4000' for this overnight beginners’ snow camp and snow shelter building practice. When Joe Turner showed up at 8 a.m. in his long-johns and running shorts (only), I suspected we were in for a real learning session. When it started to rain when we started the ski/SS in, “it” became very clear, especially considering that we had three small children and three teenagers with us.

We got the tents pitched at Square Lake in rain/freezing rain. Several teenagers were difficult, if not impossible to rout from their sleeping bags (at 2:30 p.m.), but the small children and the grown-up children set about to construct one-fine-igloo out of the well metamorphosed snow left over from the cold Christmas time storm. The three wee ones (Angelina, Holly and Spike) plus one parent (Nancy) slept warmly in the igloo, while the rest of us shivered thru the night of wind, rain and finally wet snow in our damp clothes and bags in our cold tents.

The temperature stayed right at the freezing point overnight and the next day—the worst temperature for a snow camp. However, we packed out in gently falling snow; most forsaking their skis when the downhill portion wound thru dense trees.

In spite of the “excellent learning opportunity,” we noted a remarkable absence of complaints, and a notable sharing and mutual helpfulness. Joining the leaders, Jane and Lath Flanagan, were Jenny and Holly Flanagan, Sally, Rick and Spike Grosscup, Nancy and Angelina Schafer, Karen and Linda Horsfall, Joe Turner, Warren Hayner and Karen Wagner.

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