Wolf Mountain

January 15, 1984

This cross-country outing was originally slated to go to Moon Point, but Wolf Mountain was chosen instead because of the melting-freezing weather at lower elevations.

The choice was a good one as we enjoyed nearly optimum conditions on 6,500' Wolf Mountain. The car got to about 3 miles from our destination before snow compelled a halt. Clear skies and sparkling sunshine cheered us on our climb over a 4" topping of new snow over an ice base. The views of Hills Creek and Salt Creek Valleys were spectacular. Diamond Peak was particularly beautiful, wreathed in clouds on an otherwise clear horizon. The party was startled on several occasions by the blurred form of Gladys Grancorvitz hurtling down on the descent. Along with Gladys, Carrie Krueger, Diane Jeffcott, Dot Leland and leader Jerold Williams enjoyed a fine day in the sun and the snow.

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