Midnight Lake

January 8, 1984

Under sunny skies, Thirteen intrepid skiers enjoyed brilliant views of Diamond Peak. The air was balmy. The quiet drip of water from melting ice on dark green branches could be heard when the grating noise of skis was quieted. Aside from all the calm and beauty, conditions for travel by skiing were remarkably bad. To be specific, there was ice, ice and more ice; all of it very hard and some of it so rough as to cut your hand (if you should fall).

Ambiance is a good word to describe our exceptionally pleasant lunch-time picnic at Midnight Lake. Skiers were Dianne German, Carole Kompanek, Sandra Larsen, Ed Lichtenstein, Dave Predeek, Linda Rockwell, Dave Roderick, Ruth Romoser, Ann Struther, Mary Vogel, Tom Woxell, and leaders, Emmy Dale and Mary Fulton.

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