Eugene & Springfield Bike Paths

November 10, 1984

The weather was gloomy and threatening, but that didn’t deter the seven riders, Obsidians all, who showed up for what had been billed in the club bulletin as a “Hat Soup Ride”. Taking off from Alton Baker Park, with Corinne, Shirley and Jane riding “just off the showroom floor” touring cycles, we followed the River Bikepath eastward. Early on, we passed this area’s only Youth Hostel, located on the SW corner of Mill & E Streets. From there it was over to, then north on 5th Street. Just beyond Fred Meyer we turned into the EWEB powerline bike path, promoted into reality by Dick Moffitt. This runs east and west through Springfield for 26 blocks, ending at 31st Street. Here we reversed course, headed west on Hayden Bridge Rd. toward Gateway and our hot soup stop.

Along the way Gene barely avoided terminating (to borrow a phrase from the CIA) his two new tires on a “seen at the last second” broken bottle! This near miss was followed by the heaviest rain of the day which, natch, dribbled away to nothing as soon as we had all struggled into our rain gear.

Arriving at the Chalet Restaurant, we found the soup de jour, bean or vegetable, to be good—but the animated chit-chat was even better. Soon after departing the Chalet, Corinne peeled off from the group—her home being close by. The rest of us tackled the I-5 overpass, the only hill on the route. A left turn brought us on to Garden Way. This led us onto the road that parallels Pre’s Trail as it passes Autzen Stadium—an area that was to become both hazardous and infamous a week later. On this particular weekend we heard only one subdued roar from the stadium. It was the U of O vs Arizona game, and there sure wasn’t much to roar about. Minutes later we finished the 18 mile loop at the ABP parking lot. As we all went our separate ways the heavens opened up with a deluge that would have taken all fun out of our ride. Enjoying the ride, the soup and the camaraderie were Barb Elsen, Shirley Froyd, Jane Hackett, Corinne Hunt, Jim Kezer, Dave Predeek, Gene Thaxton, and leader Bob Devine.

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