Mt June (substituted for Rosary Lake)

October 27, 1984

With news accounts of a lot of snow in the mountain passes, and cars going in ditches, we thought it prudent to change our objective. Instead of heading for Rosary Lakes, we decided to go to Mount June. We found no snow on the road, but it started snowing hard soon after starting up the trail, and the open slopes were soon white. Along the Sawtooth ridge the rhododendrons and other bushes were weighted down, and the evergreen trees had branches hanging low with the heavy snow. It was a winter wonderland with added beauty of yellow colors of autumn showing through the snow.

The summit was covered by near 4 inches of snow, and with some wind combined with the falling snow, we did not linger long. Light rain was falling before we reached the car, and the ground was no longer white. We returned to Eugene at 1 p.m. after a short but beautiful wintertime hike in October. Nonmember hikers were Laura Alpert, Dorothy Burton, and Virginia Prouty, and members were Gary Marx and leader Norman Benton.

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