Cap Hagen

October 24, 1984

3,550-ft Cap Hagen up the McKenzie Valley beckoned this Wednesday group through mists, fog and off-on heavy rains; the anticipated “mad-dog incident” at the start met with a 4-ft “persuader”. The trip's advertised “disused and neglected” trail to the top proved to be (very) disused and (extremely) neglected but caused no problems ascending. . . Swirling views only during lunchtime with our feet dangling into space, and some thoughts of a 1,000 foot (??!) rapelling exercise were mooted. Descending, the “trail” disappeared after a while, and in spite of a close search and some backtracking, could not be relocated. The shortest route (down the ridge, a mite steep, then follow the stream) eventually re-connected us to our original route (as much by luck as by judgment!). Well, the sign-up did say disused and neglected. . . Who knows what we’ll find on this annual hike in ’85! Good sports all on ’84’s Cap Hagen trek were Dallas Cole, Bob Emmich, Gladys Grancorvitz, Lee Hatch and newcombers Virginia Prouty and Dorothy Burton, with leader John Cecil.

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