Mushroom Trip

October 21, 1984

This trip uncovered a lot of interest in wild mushrooms among our membership; perhaps more trips should be planned. Twenty people spent a cool, wet Sunday morning hearing about, collecting, and discussing wild mushrooms. After an introductory talk, we left before 9 a.m. and drove to Black canyon Campground where we split up to hunt. After only about one hour, we had a whole tablefull of specimens to discuss. We fulfilled the object of the trip, which was to identify several choice and safe species as well as the poisonous varieties. We found yellow chanterelles, fried chicken mushrooms, and honey mushrooms, as well as yellow coral, white jelly, orange fairy cup, and earth stars. Two amanita species, and several russula species were brought in, as well as several goletes. Tips on safe mushroom collecting and reference material and resources were discussed.

Included on the trip were Bea Fontana, Ruth Blattler, Warren Hayner, Parker Riddle, Virginia Prouty, Judy Forell, Meg Kieran, Bob and Nan Pfifer, Frank and Ruth Sumich, N. Santes, Paul and Heidi Sachet, Joe and Kathy Turner, Gene Thaxton, Millard Thomas, and leaders Maxine and Bill McWhorter.

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