Pine Mountain Observatory

October 20-21, 1984

After Joe Lowry’s Black Butte group left us to return to Eugene, we went on to Bend for dinner before continuing on up to Pine Mountain Observatory. As we left Bend with gray skies looking down on us we hoped that at 6,000 feet elevation we would break through and have a clear sky. That didn’t happen. On the road up we ran into a car removing tire chains and 5–6 inches of snow over the road. But with Bob Dark’s skillful driving we did manage to drive to the top and found this great winter wonderland. Glenn and I regretted our lack of skis.

We checked in with Dr. James Kemp and got started setting up tents. But, once again, Bob came to our rescue. The caretaker of Pine Mountain was an old patient and friend who invited us to share his warm home for the night. After a relaxing hour getting acquainted with Gene Brandon and his daughter, we all trooped up to the Observatory to meet with Dr. Kemp. Since it had been snowing lightly since we arrived the weather did not allow us to view through the telescopes. But we did get to watch several video tapes of better nights. We spent an interesting hour talking with Dr. Kemp and listening to him describe the many projects in which the Pine Mountain team is involved.

All in all it was a beautiful and interesting trip enjoyed by Doris Allen, Bob Dark, Joe Lowry, Glenn Meares and leader Jane Hackett.

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