Black Butte

October 20, 1984

As promised, the fall foliage was vibrant, especially along the upper McKenzie and in the lava beds. Fall colors turned into winter color (white!) over the pass and throughout the Black Butte area. Several inches of newly fallen snow, which made the road up Black Butte impassable, caused us to move our destination to the east. We enjoyed lunch and the spectacular view of Benham Falls on the Deschutes River. After a leisurely tour of the Lavaland Museum and Lava Butte Observatory, we enjoyed the porcupines, otters and other wildlife at the High Desert Museum south of Bend. Two cars returned to Eugene while the Dark van with five occupants headed toward the Pine Mountain Observatory on a field trip planned by Jane Hackett.

Participants on this revised, trip were Doris Allen, Dorothy Burton, Ted Castell, Bob Dark, Barb Elsen, Joella wing, Jane Hackett, Glenn Meares, Margo Spielman, Ted Stern, and leader Joe Lowry.

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