Finley Wildlife Refuge

October 13, 1984

Is hiking along a trail on a brisk fall day and scrunching colorful leaves with your hiking boots one of your favorite pastimes? Even if the leaves are soggy from the previous week’s rain? Then you would have enjoyed hiking the trails with us at Finley Wildlife Refuge. We saw a marsh hawk and two lucky ring-necked pheasants as we drove into the Refuge. It was pheasant hunting season and the hunters’ vans and pickups filled the parking lot. We headed for the “No Hunting” area of the Refuge and found several hiking trails to hike on. Except for a rain shower after lunch, it was a beautiful day to be out enjoying such things as—the size and color of the maple leaves; hawks, robins, chickadees, juncos, and a great blue heron that flew up into a tree; rare clumps of late wildflowers; ducks flying out of Beaver Pond as we approached and then frogs squeaking and popping into the pond; and looking for owl pellets in the barn. Nonmember Joyce Strassberg and leader Barb Elsen both agreed that it was a super hike; one not to be missed.

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