Tipsoo Peak

October 6, 1984

There is a lot of good hiking in the North Umpqua-Diamond Lake area. Tipsoo is one of the favorites for this leader so I was pleased to have an all-member sign-up of seven hikers for the trip. We drove down via Roseburg to pick up Lloyd and Gwen. The drive up the North Umpqua was very scenic with fall colors beginning to show.

Wits End road was in fair condition to the trailhead at 6400' elevation. From our 11 a.m. start we arrived at the summit (8031') about 12:30 for lunch. Gwen and Wes did 3 peaks in a day by topping two other nearby peaks to capture all the views between Mt Thielsen and Diamond Peak. The other hikers took in one of the other peaks.

It is an easy trip and very scenic, both hiking and driving. Hikers were Gwen Easterly, Ray Mikesell, Ted Stern, Bryant Mitchell, Harlo Perrin, Lloyd Plaisted, and Wes Prouty, leader.

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