Scott Mtn

September 29, 1984

A beautiful morning greeted us on Sept 29. The parking lot was closed to us because of parade preparations, so we were a little late getting started. In the process of getting to the trailhead the leader’s exhaust system rusted through, but was tied together with old faithful wire for the return trip.

The sparkling day kept our spirits high as we enjoyed the scenery and the changing colors. A yellow jacket wasn’t in a good mood and stung one person. We took in food and view at the top, all of which was great. Some new snow was on the Sisters and we even had to tramp through a bit of snow ourselves.

On the way down we stopped off at Tenas Lakes for a spell. Some soaked up sun and conversation, some explored and, one intrepid soul went for a dip though very short as it was very cold water. Beautiful reflections on this very still day caused us to ooh and aah at every lake and puddle. A few more yellow jackets caused two members to yip and yike, one of whom had already been stung on the way up. How could these critters have been in such a nasty mood on such a fine day?

Those participating on this trip were Helen Aldrich, Judy Forell, Ron Golan, Doris Helikson, Miki Hutchison, Gary Marx, Lila Padgett, Alys Riley, Ernie Rimmerman, Sylvia Stead, Ted Stern, and leader Shirley Froyd.

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