Mt Scott-Boundary Springs

September 22, 1984

Under cloudy and ominous skies, five intrepid Obsidians left Eugene Saturday morning, their destination—headwaters of the Rogue River and Mt. Scott at Crater Lake National Park. Fifteen miles from our starting point an Obsidian who shall remain anonymous at this time stopped at a phone booth to call someone to go to his house and let the cat out of the house. Looking back on the happenings of the weekend I wonder if it was a black cat! After a few more phone booths and attempted calls we finally made contact with the cat “letter outer” from a phone booth in Crescent, Oregon. That matter settled—on to Diamond Lake to meet Obsidian Dee Bray from Bandon.

At Diamond the group decided that Lake West would be our campsite. We hiked from Lake West to Boundary Springs from whence the Rogue River emerges. It was a beautiful, somewhat cool day, excellent hiking weather. It is a short three mile round trip hike. Dee spotted 6 water ouzels.

Saturday evening, chopping wood for the cool night ahead, Bob Foster had the misfortune of the axe head coming off the handle and cutting his right hand very, very badly. Harlo Perrin and Paula Vehrs rushed Bob to the first aid station at Diamond Lake. However, the cut was so bad they were only able to stop the blood flow. They were able to locate a doctor at Shady Cove, approximately 60 miles away. As the cut was so bad and needed stitches and tetanus shot we went to Shady Cove, arrived there about 9:15 p.m. where the patient was treated, then back to Lake West to encounter one of the worst snow storms ever.

We awoke Sunday morning to 1–2 inches of snow on the ground. We then broke camp and headed for Mt Scott and Crater Lake. The nearer we got to the lake the colder and more windy it became. Ice began to form on the road. Approximately 2 miles from the lake we were stopped by a ranger who informed us they were closing all roads into the park because of ice and hazardous road conditions. He did allow us to go to Crater Lake to the first viewpoint where several pictures were taken by those who could tolerate the windy, freezing conditions.

For a moment the clouds cleared and we could see our objective, Mt. Scott. We were disappointed but undaunted. As we were leaving the park someone suggested Mt. Bailey, so on to Mt. Bailey. We hiked up to the first viewpoint to a wonderful view of Diamond Lake.

Even though we did not reach our objective and Bob Foster sustained a bad cut to his hand, a great time was had by Dee Bray, Bob Foster, Ethel and Robin Steussy, Paula Vehrs and leader Harlo Perrin . . . was that a black cat?

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