#4151 Mount Bailey Trail

September 19, 1984

Briefly stopping at the Wagon (Wheel) Cafe, Chemult, our destination (Southern Oregon’s 3,363-ft. Mount Bailey) was approached in bright sunshine and with much promise after the long drive. But this neat, neat very walkable hike-climb proved to be more snow-bound than on any trip previously in the past 4-year series. Views directly across to 9,182-ft. Mount Thielsen varied during the day from “awesome” to “invisible”. . . All trip members summitted, whereupon the clouds suddenly closed in from all sides and a rather hurried, crouched, lunch stop ensued. A short, sharp, howling wind and brief “typhoon-type” rain urged us off the top, and the 4½-mile trail down was covered in record time. Five-star, gourmet cinnamon rolls at Crescent Junction were an added bonus to the trip. Atop Mount Bailey were Mari Baldwin, Bob Emmich, Jack Cole, JoAn Conway, Betty Legris, Naomi Prouse and leader John Cecil.

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