Cone Peak-Iron Mountain

September 16, 1984

This might well be called the Iron Mountain-Cone Peak, alias Browder Ridge trip, but more about that later. Nine people showed up at the SEHS parking lot on a sunny Sunday morning. I had scouted the Browder Ridge (Gate Creek) trail the previous Sunday and encountered several hunters so I decided to change the trip’s destination to Cone Peak on the theory that the hunter population would be lower there than along Browder Ridge. I gave typewritten instructions to each driver on how to reach the Tombstone Pass Snow-park and we all found our way there by 10 a.m.

We started up the Cone Peak trail at 10:10, and after leading for a short distance, I fell back to act as rear guard. I neglected to tell everyone where to leave the trail for the cross-country ascent of Cone Peak however, and when I reached the appropriate spot I could see no sign of my fellow hikers. I then made the brilliant guess that they had continued along the trail toward Iron Mountain and proceeded in that direction. After a short distance I met four members of our group heading back up the trail toward Cone Peak. They discovered that they had gone too far on the trail so I pointed them in the direction of Cone and I went on to Iron Mountain hoping to overtake the four other hikers. I turned my right ankle along the way but finally found them atop Iron Mountain soaking up the sun.

After enjoying the long-range views of the scenery and peaks from Adams to Diamond and sharing the summit with numerous flying bugs that didn’t bite but showed an affinity for people, Stan and Mike headed back to the cars via the Iron Mountain trail and Helen, Lila and I went back along the trail to the base of Cone Peak. There we saw the rest of our group descending Cone Peak. We made our way back to the cars around. 3 p.m., 15 minutes behind the Cone Peakers.

We did meet one hunter today and heard the sounds of rifle shots in the distance, but the Cone Peak trail doesn’t seem to be favored by hunters to the extent that Browder Ridge is. It would be a good idea to schedule Browder Ridge for June, July or August to avoid the various hunting seasons.

Cone Peakers on this beautiful day were Nola Shurtleff, Ethel and Robin Steussy, and another guy who didn’t sign up for this, trip whose name I forgot. Iron Mtn hikers were Stan Morris, Lila Padgett, Mike Phillips, Helen Reed and leader Richard Eden.

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