Rigdon Butte & Kiwa Lake

September 9, 1984

Clouds either lowered or we rose to meet them driving up the Willamette Pass until we turned off on the Waldo Lake Road where blue skies and sunshine suddenly greeted us. At North Waldo campground we started out on our two-for-the-price-of-one consolidated hike along the north shore of Waldo Lake. At the Rigdon Lakes trail junction we headed north, and on arriving at Ridgon Lake No. 1 Ben led us around the lake and to the top of Rigdon Butte. We all proved to be expert scramblers and were thrilled with the summit view—Waldo stretched out to the west, Rigdon Lakes below, and the high Cascade peaks piercing the eastern skyline.

We lunched on the shore of Kiwa Lake, and its sparkling waters were irresistible to two hikers. Following lunch we headed back to Waldo Lake along the Wahanaa Trail and from the gaging station followed the lake trail back to our cars. On the walk out, Ben “entertained” us with a horror story to top all horror stories about his fall down a glacier in the Canadian Rockies. During the day we encountered no hunters, one deer, many smaller forms of wildlife, and a great variety of mushrooms.

Our very congenial group was enhanced by two out-of-state visitors attending an international linguistics conference at the university—Martha Ratliff from Oak Park, Illinois, and Laurent Sagart from Paris, France. In addition to their linguistic talents, Martha turned out to be an effective hitchhiker and Laurent, a superb mechanic. And if anyone is interested in the details, he/she can contact a trip member. (Note: Martha did make her Chicago plane.) In addition to Martha and Laurent, hikers included Barb Elsen, Bob Foster, Llew Albrecht, Dick and Ernestine Bloomberg, Marge Kocher, Dallas Cole, Joanne Haines, Stan Morris, and co-leaders Karen Seidel and Ben Ross.

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