Scott Mtn-Hand Lake

September 8, 1984

The sky was overcast and a light mist fell during part of the day, but the weather was perfect for hiking. We began our hike at the parking area at Scott Lake. We had forgotten that the high Cascade deer hunt was in full swing. A hunter warned of the necessity of wearing bright, highly visible clothing.

We hiked east to Hand Lake and then up the Hand Lake Trail which follows the lava beds for about a mile. Just north of Scott Mtn we turned south and followed the tree blazes of a long abandoned trail that is becoming more difficult to follow with each passing year. We stopped at a small, picturesque, unnamed lake in a basin at the top of a large rock outcrop. Unfortunately the view from the summit of Scott Mtn was obscured by low clouds.

We returned to the parking area via Benson Lake. On our return home we stopped at the Rustic Skillet for a bite to eat. Hikers and eaters included Gary Marx, Dallas Cole who was celebrating her birthday, Bradley Helms, Karen Houglum, and leader Dave Predeek.

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