The Husband

September 3, 1984

We visited two sparkling lakes in the Three Sisters Wilderness area—Husband and Eileen. Bob Foster and Jack Polance climbed The Husband Monday, Labor Day morning; the rest of us just enjoyed lollygagging around. Sunday evening we joined Obsidians Vi Johnson Mary Ellen West, Ray Mikesell, and John and Marge Kocher at their camp near Eileen Lake. Lots of horses and riders were in the area—more than I’ve ever seen before.

The weather, vistas, food, swimming were all marvelous, revitalizing, and awe-inspiring. Now that’s the good stuff. I Could go on for another chapter about a heavy backpack, two sore feet, hard ground to sleep on, mosquitoes and bees, but I won’t.* So, another memorable Obsidian weekend has come to an end, but never to be forgotten. Spraying the mosquitoes were Doris Allen, Ruth Blattler, Bob Foster, Beth and Cynthia Holmes, Kate Stroh, Jack Polance, and leader Parker Riddle.

*Oh, yes, I forgot to mention the mountains, stats and milky way, our very own galaxy. That’s another chapter!

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