Craig Lake

August 29, 1984

Early on this trip, perhaps five minutes out from the Santiam trailhead, someone raised the question, “Why did you choose to lead a trip on such a terribly dusty trail?”

The answer is that Craig Lake remains a hidden treasure of the first order: off the trail, spectacular view of Jack, excellent swimming, no bugs, and solitude for our party. Part of the best of the season at Craig Lake includes a couple of dusty miles. This congenial party had a terrific Wednesday outing. Our fifteen people in three vehicles included Ernestine and Dick Bloomberg, Mae Jackson, Gladys Grancorvitz, Helen Lynch, Rachel Major, Gerald Morsello, Robin Steussy, Marj Mountainsong, Fred Schepman, Carol, Dalia, Eli and Ron Sokolov with leader, Emmy Dale.

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