Ditch Creek-Broken Top Area

August 25-26, 1984

While the three of us were a small group, we were certainly a compatible one. On Saturday we drove to the camping spot where we left the car and started our trek to the area on the north side of Broken Top where Tam McArthur Rim begins on the west side of the moraine lake there. Even though it is a seven-mile round trip with some short, steep cross-country jaunts across the scree, it is well worth the effort because the view is one of the most spectacular in the Oregon Cascades. Imagine standing in a spot with Broken Top directly next to you to the south, a lovely green moraine lake, complete with icebergs, down the hill to the east, and the Three Sisters plus four other major Cascade peaks stretched out from the west to the northwest! Throw in clear, sunny weather and wildflowers at the peak of their blooming season to begin to understand the kind of marvelous experience we enjoyed.

On Sunday morning, we left our camp for a hike to explore the south side of Broken Top to visit the edge of Crook Glacier and also climb on the ridge that leads to the south. We had our lunch there with a panoramic view of the South Sister, several lava fields and a myriad of lakes. If anything, the wildflowers were even better on this side of Broken Top. There were asters, monkey flowers, Indian paintbrush and literally fields of lupines.

Thanks again to Ernestine and Richard Bloomberg for being such delightful companions and adding to the pleasure of this adventure for leader Anne Montgomery.

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