Found Lake

August 12, 1984

When we left Eugene shortly after 8 a.m., the weather didn’t look very favorable—cloudy and overcast, and we encountered sprinkles as we traveled up Hwy 58. After we turned off at the Waldo Lake Road and passed over the ridge, we broke into sunshine and a clear sky for a beautiful day. As we started hiking at the trailhead, we immediately encountered swarms of mosquitoes. Walking the trail along Charlton Lake, we enjoyed the beauty of the lake before turning south on the trail toward Found Lake. Here we found the trail very dusty and we continued to be pursued by the pesky mosquitoes. We arrived at the rock out-cropping above Found Lake in time for lunch. While we were eating, we could enjoy the pretty lake below us and a view of Gerdine Butte in front of us; we could also see the snow-capped Sisters in the distance.

Randy Prouse and Clarence Scherer climbed down the steep, loose rocks to shoreline. They enjoyed a good swim in the “relatively” warm water. After a nap on the rocks in the sun, the rest of the group started off for Round Meadow where we saw elk tracks but no elk!

We were back at the cars early enough to drive to Waldo Lake so those who had never been there could see the beautiful lake. Surprisingly, we didn’t experience mosquitoes there—maybe they already had enough of our blood and had gone home to rest. There were eleven hikers in all—Eric and Mew Albrecht, Randy Prouse, Susan Rutherford, Judith Engle, Carol Houde, Helen Lynch, Alys Riley, Ruth Smith, and leaders Clarence and Dorothy Scherer.

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