Twin Peaks

August 6, 1984

A grey, overcast morning presented almost perfect conditions for six hikers as they trenched trail #3595 away from Waldo Lake, east toward the Twin Peaks. Not only was the temperature “just right,” but the mosquitoes helped make for near perfect conditions by driving the hikers upwards helping them make good time with few breaks. However, once reaching the summit of the lower Twin, mosquitoes were no longer present and the hikers were allowed to spend an enjoyable long lunch-break on the summits of the “Twins”. From the height of the “big” twin at 7362 feet, hikers enjoyed a panorama of Waldo Lake and the new Waldo Wilderness area. By this time the cloud cover had raised and, although direct sunshine was very periodic, the views to the distance were great and the Three Sisters, 30 miles to the north looked rugged and awesome with a threatening cloud cover hanging directly over them.

Following lunch on the summit, several hikers swallowed their apprehensions and took advantage of an opportunity to experience some enjoyable belaying and repelling practice on the rock bluffs on the east face of the taller Twin.

Rather than turning around and following the same trail back to the cars, the group traveled north on a route which may or may not deserve to be called a trail. As they stumbled from ancient blaze mark to ancient blaze mark, the hikers observed elk tracks and signs which indicated a large number of the animals were living in the area. This north route away from the twins offered a grand view of the emerald green Found Lake which lies in a large grove between Gerdine Butte and the tall rock wall that the trail was placed on. The protected lake gave the appearance of being the remanant of an ancient glacier. As the trail left the top of the wall and wound down to a lower elevation, the mosquitoes again found the group and literally pushed it another four miles at a high rate of speed past Charlton Lake and on to the Waldo Lake Road.

This very pleasant and diverse ten mile trip was shared by Bob Emmich, Joanne Hines, Naomi Prouse, Jeff Higdon, Jay Perkins, and leader Ken Ball.

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